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The Reubens Story

in 1989, the Kanauros family brought Reuben stubbs bistro onto the food scene of Cheshire. with over 30 years of developing original flavours, the family business was handed over to the next generation of restaurateurs and Reubens bar & BBQ was born.


with A passion of deep smokey flavours found in American cooking, and the love of creating unique blends of herbs & spices, Reubens has become the ultimate comfort food.

renowned for being masters of burgers, smoked meats, original sauces & family-style home-cooking, reubens bar & bbq has over the last few years expanded throughout the west of England.

Reubens - 3rd birthday - website image.jpg

Celebrating the Reubens 3rd Birthday at Whitchurch, Shropshire



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The Reubens family keeps growing!

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